Living: Not just physical existence but a total experience of joy, peace, fun, hope and an open-ended future.

Grace: Getting a whole new start, not what we deserve. The joy of forgiveness, peace and freedom – and learning to give that to somebody else so you both can live free.

Christian: We get grace and life for free, from Jesus Christ. It’s all about him, but he wants us and welcomes us because of love that lasts forever! BTW, he wants you too.

Fellowship: Sounds old-fashioned but what it means is, friends as close as rock-climbing partners; people you can share your heart with and they won’t run away; buds that will last forever.  You probably need some of this and we give it away.

 We're a group that is: Christ-centered, grace-based, Bible-directed, prayer-driven, discipleship-practicing, fellowship-building, and service-minded. Sound like something you're looking for? Come on over, the coffee's hot.


  Where to attend services with us? We meet on Sundays at 1:00 pm at
  Pinebrooke Community Church, 11700 W. 80th Avenue, Arvada, Colorado.

   See our Statement of Beliefs at our denomination's website.

God Loves You -- Jesus Proves It

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